Wednesday, February 10, 2010

.pdx beards.

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two of my favorite things combined: beards and portland, oregon!
image credit {thirstyfly}

this print can be purchased here at society6. you can find out more about artist rachel caldwell here. this image was also found on the cover of the weekly portland mercury, so cool. you can see it here.

mmmmmm. today is snow day. it's supposed to snow 6-12 inches so the city has freaked out, hired the snow plows (they've been driving around the city since like 6 am - how am i supposed to sleep in if THOSE PLOWS ARE DRIVING AROUND?!), issued a parking ban, and cancelled everything! you know what though? i already had the day off. so i am planning to clean my house and do some crafties and get ready for our party friday night.

yes! our party! the man-friend is taking his big exams this week for his PhD! he's been studing for about 6 months straight (well, all his years of college really, so years and years) for these exams. he takes his last written exam today and then on friday he sits in front of a panel and answers questions . . . ooohhhh the stress. i'm sure he'll do fine. and also? i am glad to have him back just in time for valentine's day! we're gonna do all kinds of celebrating!


Martha said...

don't know if the snow was a 'freak out' as opposed to being prepared. History plays alot in how people react.i find it hard to believe snowplows have been driving aimless in the city. Parking bans are important due to the need to plow the snow for clear driving.
I am thinking you are new to the area and have no idea how the weather can change around here.
good luck to you if you are a newbie!!

tabitha jane said...

not new to the area. but i do know that since the snow storm in 07 where the interstate got all jammed up and people ran out of gas on the highway, the city has been a lot more "prepared" . . . but yes, snow plows were indeed driving around my neighborhood starting at 6am. and the snow didn't start sticking until about 6pm. school was canceled too.

stacy said...
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martha said...

yeah it was what you said about the 07 storm and a school bus with elementary school kids was stuck on 95; it was 6:30pm and parents were angry, they actually went to the bus to get their kids. Things changed dramatically after that.
The really sucks to have to hear those trucks so early when clearly the weather people were telling us late afternoon. Anyway, it is over.

I do enjoy reading your blog. Your pics are very cool.
have a good day!