Friday, March 19, 2010

.6 yr engage-aversary.

i forgot to post yesterday that it was our 6 year anniversary of getting engaged! Six years ago, yesterday, my special man-friend and i went on a picnic in golden gate park, san francisco (we were there for spring break). he was insistent that we find the shakespeare garden (on of my favorite authors) and though i didn't understand why it was so important to him and was just focusing on how hot, hungry and suffering from allergies i was, i humored him and we finally found it. we settled down for a nice picnic of things we had picked up from local corner stores along our walk through the haight/ashbury district of SF while we made our way to the park. the details of how we arrived on the subject are a little fuzzy . . . but i do remember him producing a ring (how in the WORLD he had found time to design and purchase this ring without my knowing is beyond me!) and say the words "will you marry me?" (the hardest words any man will ever say, according to him) . . .

our engagement photo taken by adam white (no website to direct you to, sorry)

both wedding photos also taken by adam white

i have photos from the actual engagement day and week, but this all went down in the prehistoric times before digital cameras were all the rage. this means, i'd have to scan them on to my computer before being able to post them. they are ancient. 6 whole years. :)

to celebrate our day (we aren't really the kind of people who celebrate every mile marker - i.e. first kiss, first date, etc, but the man has been busy with school so it was nice to use this as an excuse to spend some time together), i was first presented with a surprise boquet of my favorite flowers DAFFODILS! this was fantastic because it has finally started to be nice here in RI, after a winter of snow and gloom and this last week straight of rain . . . the days are suddenly sunny and warm. not sure how long it will last, but i love it! so, daffodils totally remind me of spring and the huge bouquet totally helped to bring spring inside the house!

then we went off to one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, nick's on broadway where not only did our waitress recognize us (she's a regular at the restaurant where i work), but we got cat called from the corner by some of my derby girls! ha ha!

we both built our own omlettes and split some french toast. i had pineapple juice (yum!) and he had coffee. afterwards, we both had to get to work . . . but it was nice to have connected for a bit in the sunny morning.

next big mile marker? hudson's 6th birthday is next week!

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rosebark said...

A million congrats. I hope I marry a super awesome, super thoughtful man who wears flannel. I'm envious.