Sunday, March 28, 2010

.spring break!.

so, it's the man-friend's spring break! i took a few days off from work and we are heading to New York City tomorrow!! i've never really spent more than an afternoon there before, so i am really looking forward to it. mostly i want to hit up some book shops, art galleries, restaurants, and thrift stores. and the one stumptown on the east coast. aaaahhhh stumptown . . . sigh.

we are staying with a sweet friend of ours, miss C. she and her cat used to live here in Providence but they moved to the city last fall to seek their fortune. cookies will be baked for miss C and allergy meds (check out quercetin! awesome!) bought for me and the cat :)

we'll be gone til friday and i am leaving the lap top behind. i will return, however, with TONS of photos and stories and hopefully a few great thrift finds!

see you when i get back!

p.s. if you have any suggestions on places we must go and things we must see while in NYC, PLEASE post them!

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