Tuesday, March 02, 2010

.three things.

number one: my computer is broken. hopefully the man-friend will fix it tonight.

number two: my sister had her baby!!! i am completely in love with her. she makes me dizzy. they live all the way in tulsa . . . . i've booked tickets to fly out and see them, but not until the end of april. AAGGHHH .... it's too far away!

number three: the man-friend and i have been spending a lot of time dreaming about our future lately . . . how we want to buy land and start a non-profit, commune-type, farm, eco-education center, etc . . . we ran across this parcel of land in oregon wine country that seems perfect for the dream. too bad it's available NOW and we wont be ready for it for YEARS to come. sigh. add it to my wishlish. also, add these dogs to my wishlist. they are bread to live with and guard goats. so. cool!

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