Saturday, April 17, 2010

.it's the little things #3.

these are some photos i took of things that make me infinitely happy.

1) finding oregon beer in rhode island. honing my tastebuds to alcohol in the lovely city of microbrews (portland, oregon) soorrrrrt of ruined me to most other (esp mass-produced) beers. i didn't realize i was being grown into a beer snob. it sort of just happened. happily, we can sometimes find the taste of home on the shelves of RI liquor stores (also the first place i've lived where you can't buy beer and wine in a grocery store, or on a sunday . . . hm). you have to shell out a pretty penny . . . but my motto is "life is too short to consume things you hate. why not fork over the extra dollar or two for something you enjoy?" yes, i am aware that this is shallow and does not apply in all situations. but it does apply where my acoholic beverage consumption is involved. please enjoy responsibly. 2) when the man-friend buys me flowers. it doesn't happen often, but when it does i cherish them and try to make them last as long as possible. daffodils are my favorite. i planted some bulbs in the garden last fall and they are all coming up and blooming now! squeeeee!!!!

3) Great thrift store finds. like this picnic basket that i've decided to use as my container for all my sewing supplies.
and this great owl piggy bank. $1.99. it is missing the gummy thing that keeps all the change from leaking out of his bottom . . . suggestions???? i'd like to actually use this to store change in.

what sort of things have been making you happy lately?

tried on bridesmade dresses today . . . we found something pretty awesome that looks great on everyone!!!


PaperCameraScissor said...

I always love receiving flowers. Oh my goodness the owl is so cute!! I would say some cork for the hole.

rosebark said...

Perhaps try duct tape? It works for most everything. I love the sewing basket!
My flowers also make me very very happy. That's great that he gave you bulbs in stead of fresh cut. The luv keeps on giving.

I love you!