Monday, April 05, 2010


so . . . we had a GREAT time in new york! what a blast!!! 5 days of delicious food, good friends, being completely car-free, sunshine, rain, stumptown coffee, and vintage/thrift store shopping!

uploading photos to my computer now. :)

being away set me pretty far behind in my real life . . . that's what vacation does, i guess. so i have a lot of things to work on right now. catching up on emails, snail mails, blogs, crafts, bills, work, and then getting ready to fly to tulsa in a few weeks to meet my sister's new baby . . . phew.

i'll make it.

what have you been up to while we were away?

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twilas vintage clothing said...

I want to visit there soon. One of my friends and her husband are there right now and it is making super jealous. I have been there a few times and just got the itch to go back. A new baby!! How exciting!