Wednesday, May 26, 2010

.giveaway: spring cleaning!.

to celebrate having 10 followers, i am going to do a simple giveaway. it's just a collection of things from my own craft room that i pulled together while doing some spring cleaning. the items include: a pretty sequined mask, a paper flower, a grow your own dragon!!, an iron on british flag, some stick on tattoos, some glass beads, a hair decoration/comb made by ME!, some vintage flower patches, and a few cute pins. i might add more to the final package, but this is the bulk of it right now! just a few little cute things to help you get creative in your future crafting projects.

to enter:

leave a comment on my blog about what sorts of projects you are planning to tackle for spring cleaning (one entry)

become a follower of my blog (second entry)

blog about this giveaway (third entry)

the lovely winner will be drawn and announced on Wednesday, June 2nd!

alright, now i am off to take the pup to the park to go swimming! it's hot here and he's still got part of his winter coat on. i keep telling him to take it off.


Carol Anne said...

Yay for 10 followers! I am moving this weekend and in my new place I get a whole craft room! (not a spare bedroom/ storage/ workout equipment /craft room anymore!) So I will be putting together my new craft room and creating out of it! Can't wait!

Sasha said...

YAY for giveaways and 10 followers!

I am a follower and one of the many projects I need to tackle for spring cleaning is my fabric collection. It needs to be gone through and sorted!

Have a lovely day!

Sasha :)

Katie said...

uggggg spring cleaning haha. I already organized my closer (which was a HUGE tackle and a few bags of stuff the donate and throw out...why do i like to keep shoe boxes?)

Katie said...

i am a new blog follower!!

oh and i am under kshuttle :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

I need to organize my scrappy goodies and other craft supplies. I also would love to get under my bed and clean that out--:(

i am a follower of course!