Friday, May 21, 2010


hey friends.

so i noticed that i have 9 followers. 9! this is great because when i started this blog, i had no sights set on followers or anything. i just wanted to be able to document and keep track of things i was doing creatively and things that were inspiring to me. just to reopen that door in my life to the sharing of ideas and inspiration.

so i was thinking. now that i have followers, maybe i can do a giveaway? it's a GREAT way to share creativity and inspiration - and a ton of fun!

so, once i hit 10 followers (that's just one more!), i'll do a giveaway!

yes yes yes.


Sharon said...

I am honored to be follower #10. :)

/kinda strange that my nic is a bird ....

tabitha jane said...

welcome welcome!

Sharon said...

thank you, miss tabitha jane! :)