Friday, May 07, 2010

.well hi!.

so . . . i'm back from oklahoma. and let me just say:

she is SO AMAZING!

i am completely in love with her! she has such a great little personality. she is happy, content, loved, smart, growing, learning, beautiful, healthy, has GREAT parents, and GREAT aunties who love her :)

the entire week was simply incredible. i mostly enjoyed just being able to relax. i've been so GO GO GO GO GO GO lately that taking an entire week off from life in rhode island was lovely. we spent a lot of time sitting on my sister's front porch, walking the dog through the friendly neighborhood, meandering down to the local coffee shop (the puppy was welcome inside with us!), laying on the floor staring at the baby, eat ice cream and watching ridiculous movies like only sisters (or good friends who are just like sisters) can do. there were no alarm clocks (except when we had to drive to oklahoma city for my little sister's college graduation), no work shifts (at least not for me), no hectic crazy life intruding on the simple life of sleep, feed baby, feed ourselves, clean the kitchen, take a walk, sit on the porch, enjoy the sun, wander through a thrift store, peer at the stalls in the farmer's market, curl up on the couch, and do it again.

it was re-energizing to say the least.

i came back to rhode island more calm. a bit more tan. the man-friend said i looked good. relaxed. sun kissed. healthy. happy.

i came back and said "i'm not ready to jump back in to this!" which is ok since i didn't have to work for a few days (starts tomorrow!! aahh.!!). instead i slept, had breakfast with the man-friend (including stumptown coffee that my sister, miss R, brought for us from portland when she flew out to see everyone in tulsa too), spent hours in the garden, went and visited some friends, drank tea, did laundry, split a bottle of wine and ate homemade pizza while watching arrested development, read ("animal, vegetable, miracle" by barbara kingsolver) and caught up on my email inbox.

i think i'll be ready to set my alarm clock and put in a few good days of work now. lord knows my bank account could use it ;)

i promise i took a million pictures. esp of that baby.

but my computer is BROKEN (sad face). so when it gets fixed, i'll be loading all those photos up and showing off that beautiful baby. my wonderful family. the progress in the garden. the fun photo op my sister, miss TC, and i had while in oklahoma city last week.

good times.

what have you been up to while i am away?

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One who has been changed said...

When you look at such a precious little one it is hard to believe anyone would try to justify the killing of babies. Always enjoy your family, life is short. Great to know that God loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins. Book of John in the Bible. My you have a Light filled day.