Wednesday, June 09, 2010

.bout photos.

the flier from our first bout, made by PRD's art team

so here are some photos from our bout a few weeks ago (all photos courtesy of greg easton, more can be seen here.) The teams were the Sakonnet River Rats (my team! in green and pink!) Vs the Old Money Honeys (the ones in tennis skirts, polo shirts and pearls). You can see me in the above pictures, I'm the one in the hot pink helmet.

WE WON!!! It was a very close game, nail biting and such and the crowd LOVED IT. I had a blast and learned a ton (it was my first official game)!

above is a photo of the whole league, announcers, honeys, rats, refs and the Mob Squad (our other home team).

Below is a photo of our beloved announcers, diamond dan and the rev al . . . it seems they are beating up our local superhero civitron. yes he is a real life superhero.

and here is our mascot, the cheese!!! we love her!

so, there's some photos from the bout!

sorry for not posting more . . . I've been suuuuper busy this week! our rommates both moved out and new ones moved in, one of them graduated so there were celebrations to be had, the garden is in full swing, we went STRAWBERRY picking and have been canning and freezing out the ears!, we've been spring cleaning and working and the man-friend just got a summer job. he started this morning!

anyway, i have photos of a lot of our activities and will be posting them up here for you all to enjoy!

what have you been up to?

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