Thursday, June 10, 2010


i thought it was a little early in the season, but last week i called some of the local farms and found out that strawberry picking season had indeed begun!

the man-friend and i have made a concious decision this year to try to eat more locally and be more involved in the process of where our food comes from. this involves growing our own food at the community garden, picking our own food at local farms, joining a CSA and helping out when we can at the farm our CSA is through (scratch farm.

so, we grabbed the sunscreen, some hats, and big pots/bowls, stopped for breakfast at our favorite restaurant and then headed out to jaswell's farm where our roommate, miss L, and her man-friend met us for some pickin'!

so far we've had strawberry french toast, strawberry rhubarb pie, made two batches of freezer jam, frozen bags and bags of berries for use in smoothies, etc later, eaten to our hearts content, gave half a pot away, and STILL have about half a pot left! and our CSA says we'll be getting berries in our first share this monday!!!

mmmmmm, good thing strawberries are SO GOOD or i'd be sick of them! :)


kym said...

We just did the strawberry thing here also...they are delicious!

Anything But Bland said...

hahaha that is a MUTANT STRAWBERRY!

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love, polly