Friday, July 30, 2010

.tj loves: david bazan.

{tee available here}

i know most of my posts have been mini-commercials lately, but i've just been finding so many things that i love and the people i love are doing so many awesome things . . . i simply feel that i need to catagorize or store them or something . . . so i put them on this blog :)

the man-friend and i have a favorite singer/songwriter/musician and he's on tour soon! coming to cambridge in sept! and he has a new shirt out . . . with - STOP RIGHT THERE - a MUSTACHE on it!!

i might have just died and gone to heaven.


Anything but Bland said...

you're welcome! I love your name and picture.. i'll have to show you the song your blog reminds me of soon!

love, polly

Anything but Bland said...

hope you like.

arwen said...

I ... um.... I kind of love that like whoa....