Saturday, July 24, 2010

tj loves: the suburbs

photo i took while in the beach town of Watch Hill

ok, i don't really love the suburbs. i actually dislike them.

buuuuut i do have two stories about them (sort of).

#1: i went to the beach with some girlfriends on wednesday (and got the WORST sunburn of the year!) and while wandering around the little town of watch hill, RI, we found this awesome old book store with this awesome elderly lady working there. the whole experience was pretty sweet and they had some amazing first editions and old antique post cards (i bought some with mermaids on them) and i bought a first edition by bertrand russel called "satan in the suburbs" for the man-friend (i bought a real cute organic cotton skirt with dandelions screen printed on it for me!). the man-friend used to really like bertrand russel as a philosopher . . . i think he's moved on to other writers by now, but i knew he'd really appreciate this book and title.

{image credit: arcade}

#2: i just PREORDERED THE NEW ARCADE FIRE VINYL called "the suburbs"!! and the man-friend has bought us tickets to go see them AUG 1st!!


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Anything but Bland said...

thank you so much for the kind words, Tabitha! So very sweet.

Sunburns suck. And I've always wanted to go to Rhode Island.. just sounds neat.

love, polly ;)