Thursday, August 05, 2010

.garden surprise.

was greeted at the garden by this sweet surprise left by my friend and fellow community gardener (and derby girl!), The Cheese. she painted me that sweet rock.

also . . . since they live very close in the neighborhood, she and two other derby girls and i have recently acquired . . . . WALKIE TALKIES!!!

we use them from house to house.



Joe's blog said... have a wonderful friend. You lucky thing! My best friend moved to South Korea.

kym said...

I have little gnomes in my front garden...and the rock is adorable.

The Fat Fairy said...

ah sweet :D

rosebark said...

The rock is such a sappy cute warm-fuzzy gesture. (Blame Bob Jones for the last half of that.)

The thought of you on walkie-talkies makes me smile.
Maybe you could have a Derby birthday???