Friday, September 10, 2010

.killah bees!.

packing up and getting ready to drive to PA for my first ever away game with providence roller derby's killah bees! we play tomorrow night. the all-star team (the riveters) also play dutchland and H.A.R.D. this weekend.

i've done laundry, ironed my name/numbers on my new bees shirts, started packing, bought a TON of snacks, loaded music on my new phone . . . now i need to finish laundry, clean all my gear, boil my new mouth guard and finish packing.

and make sure i don't pee my pants!

now let's go kick some butt!


funkEpunkEmonkE said...

yee ha

Bring the Sting!

arwen said...

I like to pretend like you're having a bout against Wu Tang.
Cause that'd be awesome.

kym said...

Good luck!

nic said...

have fun!