Wednesday, October 06, 2010

.remember when i used to blog?.

sorry. i've been busy.
camping with my boys
hiking in the woods
sleeping outside
marrying off a sweet friend
dancing it up at the barn dance.yeehaw
winning with the killah bees in PA!
watching the rivs play some hecka good derby
growing the biggest beet you've ever seen.
getting new furniture for my kitchen.

and winning our latest roller derby bout this past weekend.

what've you been doing?

i've got a few more busy weeks of travel, etc coming up - you know living my real life instead of hanging out on the blogosphere . . . but i'll keep checking in from time to time. winter is on it's way and i always seem to start crafting more when it's cold and dark. i'll post about my projects and i hope to open my own etsy or artfire site soon.

see you soon!


astitchintime said...

psssst, for artfire I would suggest signing up soon. Their 9.95/mo deal for the pro account is temporary. etsy is ok but they nickel and dime you like crazy. Plus artfire makes your inventory more findable outside of artfire. It feeds everything to amazon, google, and the find.

astitchintime said...

Oh, and you rock :)

Husain Vahanvaty aka Keebler said...

sounds like a busy time. Its getting cold and I swear my shivering skin wants me to be more active. Law of the world I think.