Thursday, October 21, 2010

.two victories.

quick update on PRD derby news from miss bella constrictor

my home team, the sakonnet river roller rats, won our bout on Oct 2nd against the mob squad which means we go on to play the old money honeys in the home team championship game next month!photo by temple frazier

also, the B team, the Killah Bees just won our final bout of the season against CT's yankee brutals on the 16th of this month. this left us UNDEFEATED!!! what a great feeling!
photo courtesy of the Phury


now to go get my NEW CAR inspected so i can legally drive it in the state of RI.


Kym said...

Roller Derby looks so much fun!

nic said...

congrats on the undefeated season!! i'll be at the championship bout, but vicious stylz will kill me if she sees me rooting for the rats!