Wednesday, January 20, 2010


if you haven't seen this SNL digital short, go watch it now.

mmmm... today is my day off. love it.

i went to bed LATE last night (see time of post from last night and add half an hour) because i was so jazzed from roller derby practice. since this past weekend was a holiday weekend, work was crazy (well, it's been better in the past - i blame the economy and the fact that the students aren't back yet. this weekend should be better!) . . . it was like working 3 weekend days in a row at the restaurant instead of just 2. so, needless to say, i was beat. without any guilt at all, i slept in until 10:15 and then lay in bed until 11.

pure. luxury.

AND i declared today to be JAMMIE DAY. i will NOT get dressed until right before it is time to go to derby practice tonight. wonderful!

nonetheless, i have been pretty productive with the few hours of daytime i had left after sleeping most of them away. i've brewed more tea for our homemade kombucha, baked a batch of granola, did the dishes, swept the kitchen, played a few rounds of mario kart on the wii, and tried to catch up on all the emails that i am behind on . . . now i just have to prep for my day at the massage clinic tomorrow (i have a full day! yay!), sweep/vacuum upstairs, make stuffed squash for dinner and put together a package for my sister and her BABY (due next month! ah!). maybe i'll clean up all my dirty clothes if i get around to it.

man, i sound really domestic.

in other news, i am totally toying with registering for this local food forum next month. it falls on one of my days off and will be over in time to get to roller derby that night . . . and it's FREE!! i just wish i could find someone to go with me . . . i love supporting all things local as best as i can . . . esp local farmers!

hmm, is there something i can blog about that does NOT sound so domestic? :) my little feminist heart is beating hard (i really actually don't mind being domestic, it's my choice. i can be both domestic and a feminist, feel free to ask me about it if you have questions).

{photo taken at the portland farmers market by ME!}

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