Friday, January 29, 2010


.jacob white {photo credit: ME}.

i have this friend. he's one of those friends who felt like family almost immediately. he's one of those people who doesn't waste time on the unimportant stuff, but gets right down to the dirty broken truth of things. we don't get to see him much since we live on separate coasts . . . but when we do, it is precious time. we get right to the important conversations. we open a bottle of whiskey and pick up a guitar or two. we ask the questions no one wants to ask and we answer them honestly. this man is a good man. a true lyricist. a heart of gold. he has a natural ability to see people, to make music, and to express truths in unique ways.

he's started a new music project called mount saint elias. give it a listen. and if you are in the Portland, Oregon area keep checking his site for tour dates. if you go, please let me know . . . i wish with all my heart that i could be there too.


currently listening to my new M Ward album on vinyl. delish.

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