Wednesday, January 27, 2010


{photo credit: my man friend}

roller derby practice last night was the BEST EVER! it was so fun and challenging and awesome. i am spending today {my first day off in a while} recovering and prepping for my day at the massage studio {tomorrow} . . . as well as prepping for tonight's practice. i heart arnica and my joint salve(ation) from neohippiemama's etsy site. sooooo good for sore muscles!

so, while doing my research for my clients and designing a new coupon for an upcoming open house, i have been exploring cover lay down. this awesome site all about folk music covers! so cool to read about some of my all-time favorites as well as to discover new ones! favorite find of the day? j tillman covering townes van zandt. epic.

anyway, the H-bomb (my pup, hudson) is wishing i was paying attention to him. and my tummy was wishing i was feeding it (mmmmm, off to make a kefir smoothie!) . . .

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