Monday, January 25, 2010

.good day to stay in.

spent most of the day curled up on the couch watching old episodes of LOST online with the man-friend. i also spend about 3 hours browsing around on lostpedia. this was either a total waste of time or a fantastic decision. not sure yet. based on all the things i wanted to accomplish today (filing, finishing organizing my new amazing studio space, getting my package in the mail for my sister and the little sprout due next month, etc) it was a horrible choice. it was, however a fantastically windy and rainy day. the perfect kind of day for an after work nap (left the house at 6am for work, arrived home by noon, soup in the crock pot by 12:30, head on the pillow by 1 - woken up by crazy wind shaking the house about an hour and half later) followed by coffee and snuggles on the couch.

also, due to the fact that i was entertained by lostpedia, the man-friend was able to get 3 hours of school work done without my interrupting him.

the man-friend made an AMAZING pizza for dinner tonight (with whole, roasted garlic cloves! yum! cut the top off a head of garlic, set it in a tin foil hug, drizzle with olive oil and leave it in the oven for at least half an hour. scoop out the cloves with a knife. put it on your pizza. or spread them on crackers. so. good.)

i, in turn, made an entire crock pot of soup (kidney beans and garbanzo beans [soaked overnight] veggie broth, onion, sweet potato, gold potato, garlic, coconut milk, curry spices and honey) so that he will have stuff he can just heat up to eat while he keeps studying. he's in the last mad dash for his prelimenary exams for his phd. i am so proud of him! he's put in so much work. he still has so much more to go - but as of thursday next week, he'll have a huge portion of it behind him. he will be what is called ABD (all but dissertation), meaning he will have finished all necessary work to complete his phd except for writing his huge-ass dissertation (which will take years).

anyway, that's how i spent this crazy, rainy, windy day. tomorrow? more early morning work and roller derby practice. maybe i'll finish sorting through my studio in between?

what is your favorite rainy day activity?


currently listening: fleetwood mac "rumors." never gets old.

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