Monday, January 18, 2010

.this is lust.

i have an obsession with matryoshkas. also known as russian stacking or nesting dolls. i love them. i draw them. i've cut block prints of them and made greeting cards. i want a tattoo of one. i bought the most beautiful bare wood one when i lived in alaska. it was hand painted and covered in gold glitter. it's not tacky like it sounds, i promise. it is glorious.

enter frustration. i found these.
{image via fred and friends}

wouldn't they just make baking in the kitchen a thousand times more fantastic?

sadly, the manufacturer SOLD OUT during the holidays, and i must wait patiently until they are back in stock.

le sigh.

such is life, i suppose.

what sorts of things are you lusting after for YOUR KITCHEN?

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