Thursday, February 04, 2010

.day of adventures.

miss N and i were able to hang out yesterday. she finally had the day off (she's supposed to always have wednesdays off . . . but you know), so we went on an adventure! we hit up the modern diner for grits and challah raisin french toast. mmmmmmm.....

next stop was lorraine's fabric the last remnant (pun!) of the once thriving textile industry in rhode island. it's a warehouse full of fabric and notions. and the top floor? $1.99 a yard for EVERYTHING!!! sigh. needless to say, i splurged on some awesome goodies, future plans include a bib for the wee one my sister is set to have in a few weeks!

we made our way to the "new" goodwill in attleboro, MA and proceeded to spend HOURS browsing the goods - both fantastic and hideous.

but the best part? the handful of picture frames i picked up for .99 cents to 1.99 each . . . there's nothing in them yet, but i cleaned them up and stuck them on the wall. i feel so grown up finally having something on the wall in the living room. hey, they are empty frames, but they are a start. right?
plus i got to drink 3 cups of coffee in an entire day.

{all photo credits: ME!}


now back to tattoo designs and pondering the meaning of tuesday night's episode of LOST.

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