Tuesday, February 02, 2010

.things i am excited about.

this shirt is awesome. it says "support your local roller derby; give blood, give often" . . . i want it. anyone have an extra $29.99 lying around?
i got my first real roller derby bruise last week. its awesome! i fell on someone's skate . . . and then took some extra hits on top of it :) it's healing with some nice greens and yellows. i'll try to remember to take a picture before it's gone.

and also? it's time for the final season of lost to begin tonight!!! gonna get some snackies (it's a word) and some beer and head over to a friend's house (we don't have tv) tonight for the revelry!!!


tonight is my "friday" night . . . day off tomorrow. think i might get coffee and go thrifting/to the craft store with miss N . . . and sleep past the sunrise . . . and keep working on the drawing for my sister's tattoo. all nice things.

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