Thursday, April 15, 2010

.the hair cut.

i've had dreadlocks for 4 1/2 years now. they were loooooong. so long that they were really started to get ridiculous. too long to really function well. i could hard turn my head while playing roller derby without whipping someone in the face . . . not good. the man-friend would roll over and lay on them in the middle of the night. they would get stuck in my clothes when i was trying to change my shirt - chlostrophobia!!! plus they were just so heavy that it was really impracticle for me to let them conitnue to grow unchecked.

so, the man-friend did a little photo session with me to document the length (which i really was proud of) and then i chopped them all off. with a little bit of ceremony and pomp, of course.

the first cut

halfway there!!!

aaaahhhh, that's better!!!

my head feels so much lighter! i can play sports again without feeling burdened down. i can put my hair up withtout it pulling on my head and giving me a headache! fantastic! and the ends look so much cleaner and neat . . . i know this isn't usually a concern for people with nappy hair . . . . you know, they don't worry so much about being neat. but . . . i do.

anyway, i was able to do a KICKASS updo with my new hair lenght for the masquerade ball! awesome! photos to come!!!


rosebark said...

WOWZA your locks were incredibly long. Mine never reached half that point in two years! (go figure)


boots said...

oh i forgot to tell you that me and brendon were the 2 people in our graduating class with dreads, we never dated in high school but everyone said that we should get married, and now was are :)