Wednesday, April 14, 2010

.concrete jungle.

FINALLY, here are some photos from our spring break trip to new york city!!!

this photo of the statue of liberty was taken on our last day in NYC. we took the subway all the way down to the southern end of manhatten because the man-friend wanted to see the park down there - he'd remembered being there on his last visit and it was a really nice day so we thought we'd check it out. we had all of our bags and had a bus to catch back to RI so we couldn't stay long. but we both got a nice bit of a sunburn. :) we ended up missing our bus because we were told it was leaving from the wrong terminal by 3 different employees . . . silly inept bus workers and silly HUGE port authority station with no reader board telling where it's hundreds of busses are leaving from. they have reader boards. just none of them are turned on. they have information stands. but they are all closed. hmmmm.... we ended up getting on a later bus back home, so we weren't stranded in NYC. just stuck in the bus terminal on a gorgeous sunny day. it would have been nice to have been able to stay outdoors.

anyway . . . enough complaining. our trip really was fantastic! and i really am a much more positive person than the above paragraph. boooo on me. sorry!

anyway, we spent one afternoon walking across the brooklyn bridge with the hundreds of other tourists. besides that and the day we spent going to museums, we really didn't do much else that was super "touristy" (like going to staten island or up to the top of the empire state building, etc). mainly we hung out with our friend, miss C and her roommates and galvanted about the city from cafe to restaurant to thrift shop to park to bar to STUMPTOWN COFFEE in the lobby of the Ace Hotel (we went there 3-4 days in a row).

here's a photo we took on the brooklyn bridge:
this is the view of manahatten coming across the bridge from the brooklyn side.

i really loved the subway system in the city. public transportation is a passion of mine and having a system that really works and it widely used by all demographics is so exciting to see in action! it's really affordable too. the man-friend and i got a weekly pass for unlimited rides for somewhere around $20 each. this was great since each time you ride it costs about $2 and we had to ride it from williamsburg to downtown almost every day. it paid for itself in the first day and a half that we were there!

here are miss C and i posing while waiting for the train ABOVE ground (and even ABOVE the street) in williamsburg after we picked up some awesome new green sunglasses for her at buffalo exchange! love that place! so sad we don't have on in providence. happy that there is a new one that just opened up in boston though! yay!

we ate and ate and ate while we were there - it's one of my favorite things about traveling. we went to a place on curry row (a row of indian food restaurants stacked on top of each other with men standing outside trying to pull you in to their tiny tiny hallways full of tables and poeple). miss C took us to her favorite place on curry row and we stuffed ourselves with vegetarian curries and rice and naan. it was BYOB . . . huzzah! we picked up some anchor steam on our way over. yummmmm.
miss C and i at curry row:
the place was covered in chili pepper strings of lights and all kinds of other crazy things (i think saw a plastic dinosaur) hanging from the ceiling so that you had to duck while walking through!

we spent an afternoon strolling through central park. next time i TOTALY want to rent a tandem bike and ride it around. the prices weren't too bad . . . maybe $10 for an hour? so cool!!

here i am doing one of my favorite things - taking a "jumping picture" in central park with the buildings of uptown behind me (this was taken near the ice skating rink in central park where there were all kinds of people filming some sort of movie . . . not sure what it was but it involves people on the ice skating rink in central park. look for it in 2012 :) )
here i am STOCKED to be drinking a rice milk latte at stumptown (note the NYC cab behind me). no one has rice milk as an option around here. and since i can't really eat dairy and i am allergic to soy milk, i could have cried with happiness to find that stumptown had rice milk. of course they did. they are from portland, oregon!
the other thing we did a ton of while in town was VINTAGE AND THRIFT STORE SHOPPING!!! the man-friend was in heaven to be surrounded by all the plaid, wool, flannel, cowboy cut shirts, and pearl snaps! it was like a kid in a candy store :) i picked up a few great dresses for summertime and some crazy tights for roller derby.

there you have it, a very random assortment of photos from our time in NYC. for more photos click here.


in other news:
i cut my hair
i've got a really good start on the garden this year
i made a fresh batch of granola this morning
i am still working on finishing all my crafts in time for the craft swap
i am all caught up on last night's LOST episode and can't WAIT to watch the new gLee
teaming is finished for this year's home season for the roller derby. we had our first team practice last night! i cannot be more EXCITED about which team i was put on!
the masquerade ball was amazing. we finished our masks and were very happy about them. i got some AWESOME photos!

all of these things should be getting posts of their own in the near future. stay tuned!

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