Thursday, April 08, 2010

.parisian masquerade ball.

{image credit: here}

a friend of mine is having her birthday party this weekend - the theme is a Parisian Masquerade Ball! the man-friend and i LOVE any excuse to get dressed up in costumes so we are headed to the local thrift store to find some awesome outfits and then we'll spend the rest of the afternoon making masks out of plaster strips to paint and decorate later.

what should we go as?
the sun and moon?
cat and mouse?
opposite color schemes?

hmmmmm . . .

i'll definitely post photos of what we decide on!

also, i know i owe y'all pictures from our trip to NYC - i've just been suuuuper busy working lately! i have the day off tomorrow so we'll see what happens. i might drive out to bruised boutique to get some outdoor wheels for my skates since derby is about to begin our outdoor season (we practice at a rink outside during the summer) and i don't want my indoor wheels to be torn up . . .


sarah nadine said...

go as anything but owls ... owls kinda scare me! (let me clarify: they are beautiful, graceful creatures, they keep the food chain going by eating mice, and are pretty cute when drawn or animated, ... but otherwise, they are just plain eerie!!!)

tabitha jane said...

that's funny cause i was really leaning toward being an owl!!

the man-friend is going to be a raven

Cori Jessy said...

Ttotally birds. I would totally go as birds.

tabitha jane said...

we went as birds! mine was really really jim henson ish . . . like from the labrynth. slightly scarey. the man-friend's was scarey too - long black beak. pictures coming! i need my life back! i have no time for anything! aaahhh!!!

Cori Jessy said...

:( I know how you feel. But how fun! I'm excited to see pictures, I can just imagine a long black beak over that man's beard. And I'm sure you rocked the labrynth look. Scary can be good... sometimes.