Wednesday, June 23, 2010

.summertime dreams.

things that i wish i could do this summer include:

nateva festival in maine. SHE AND HIM WILL BE THERE!!!

life is good festival in Canton, Mass . . . BEN HARPER WILL BE THERE!!!

yoga in the park on tuesdays (conflicts with derby practice).

sustainable yoga at as220 on mondays (conflicts with my work schedule).

the hope street farmer's market on saturday mornings (as well as the open market CRAFT FAIR) but that conflicts with my saturday work schedule.

my cousin's wedding . . . in oregon . . .

my dear sweet miss A's wedding in oklahoma (same day as my next big derby bout!)

get down to asheville to visit our sweet family of friends down there.

join my sister in alaska . . . oh i miss alaska!

oh woe is me :)

but i am having a nice summer so far - friends, sun, music, games, sports, good food, etc . . . just missing home (oregon home, not RI home) and family and music festivals (oh GOD i love music festivals!) and camping (OH GOD I LOVE CAMPING) and needed to get it off my chest.

i'll feel better soon.

things i have been doing with my summer:

listening to my ipod while driving around with my mister. note the summertime knees and freshly cutoff jeans (they look crooked, but it's just the way i was sitting). yes ladies and gents, the gauze on my knee is from a derby accident :)

drinking lots of iced tea with fresh raspberries and strawberries and lemons and mint and whatever else i have around to put in it. and eating the cookies made from the best homemade oatmeal cookie recipe i have ever found!

lounging in the grass in the park while my "family" plays wiffle ball (my back was hurt this day so i couldn't play)

the wiffle ball family :)

lots and lots of time in the garden.

and we just got home from watching the US team beat Algeria 1 to 0 in the world cup! crazy, nervous game!!!


what are some of your favorite summer passtimes?


kym said...

Great post.

My summer time is spent gardening, reading cheesy books, baking blueberry goodies, lots of lemonade, cookouts, early morning hikes and going to the beach.

I love the summer. I'm so happy she is here.

Sarah said...

I have wanted to go to yoga in the park soooo bad. I haven't had time for the two years that I lived down the road from it. How sad is that?