Sunday, July 11, 2010

.the good things.

so life's been nuts. do i allude to that a lot on this blog?

well, it's still true.

tonight's bout was AWESOME!! such a close game! the old money honeys beat the mob by a HAIR. so close! wow!

after the bout, we had a meet and greet/info session for girls interested in joining Providence Roller Derby for the 2011 season - SO CRAZY to think that i wont be one of the newest girls on the league soon! wow!

if you live in the area, consider trying out! it's amazing. check out our website.


in other news, a friend of ours is taking us out to a the beach tomorrow to do a vintage themed photoshoot! yeah!!!

i am sooooo excited about this! it's going to be the first real photo session we've had since we got married (almost 6 years ago!). i've been collecting little ideas for different things to bring with us for the shoot - vintage suitcases, an umbrella (loaned to me by the lovely brooke from rehab just for the shoot!), a vintage camera, my boots and cowgirl hat, a lovely dress i got in our clothing exchange friday . . . so excited to share the photos when they are ready and i'll def post a link to my friend's photography website when it is up! she's actually asked us to do the shoot so that she can build up her portfolio for her website. SQUEEEE!!!

speaking of the clothing exchange, last friday my friend, miss C and i hosted a clothing exchange (though she did most of the work since i spent the afternoon locked out of my apartment!!!). also called a Naked Lady Party. Everyone brings a bag of pre-loved items (in good condition) such as clothes, books, cds, bags, hats, scarves, jewelry, etc and we dump them in piles around the house, try them on, take what we want and donate the rest. some people add structure to these parties, rules about how many you can take based on what you bring, make it a game, wait in line, etc. we just throw things around and share! we also make it a potluck so everyone can snack and drink - miss C made KILLER SANGRIA!! it really helped beat the heat (have any of you read about the crazy heat wave that's been taking over new england? it is also taking over my brain!). sometimes we make the parties themed (we did one near halloween and made it trick or treat themed, and one we did was a tea party/alice in wonderland theme).

i feel GREAT about the swap! i brought 3 huge grocery bags of clothes and left with only 1 1/2 bags full of "new" items. then i went through and got rid of MORE items as i put the new ones away! i LOVE it!!! plus we had BAGS and BAGS of things to donate at the end!! fantastic.

try it~ let me know what you think!


k, it's off to bed! crazy weekend might be over, but tomorrow is a big day and it starts with a 5:45am wakeup time! goodnight my lovlies!

p.s. enter my giveaway!! the winner will be announced monday of NEXT week!!


kym said...

Woo Hoo...giveaway...I'm so in!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I have heard of these clothes or other items swaps before. I wish I would know of people that actually would attend. It would be so much fun!