Saturday, July 10, 2010

.giveaway v2: rehab.

hello my lovelies! sorry it has taken me so long to get around to posting this giveaway! the only reason i am able to do it now is because our roller derby bout got rained out and i found myself with a free 4 hours this afternoon (well and i finally found my camera!) . . . so before i head off to the afterparty (which is now a pre-party since the game will be tomorrow instead), here's the goods:

this necklace was lovingly made from rehabilitated parts. i found it at a new vintage shop called rehab that has opened up in the street where i work (wickenden st). the one thing that kept going through my head the first time i visit this shop was, "wow, this place is really well curated." i know that "curated" is an odd word, but it's true. every piece was carefully picked out by some amazing shoppers . . . there are TONS of owl goodies (love!!), vinyl (more love!), jewelry (brooches!) and jewelry parts, clothes, books, knick knacks (unicorns!!), etc. i've scored some vintage roller skates, a johnny cash vinyl, a few pieces of jewelry and some awesome books (they've got a really really old copy of the jungle book in 2 parts!). if you live in town, check them out! they are only open TH-SUN.

so . . . for the giveaway! this SWEET necklace can be yours! all you have to do, is leave a comment below about a recent thrift/vintage score of yours! i'll do a post soon with images of all my recent finds.

the winner will be announced MONDAY July 19th. that's one week, folks.

and again friends, thanks for your patience. . . these last few weeks have been cuh-ray-zee with derby, work, and life. i need a vacation.

fyi: rehab is NOT affiliated with this blog or involved in this giveaway. i just found this necklace there and knew one of YOU would love it!!!


Carol Anne said...

That necklace is so awesome! I wish I could visit that store! It sounds amazing!

My recent vintage/thrift find was an owl candle holder that I always ended up favoriting on etsy but I never wanted to pay the price on there. I had a feeling I would find it for cheap in a thrift store. And I did! This past week. For $2. Made my day :) I blogged about it too.


kym said...

Love the I totally want in on this giveaway.

A recent thrift find...hmmm...browsed a few vintage/antique shops up in Castile, New York recently, while on vacation, but I did not purchase anything.

I also love the Berlin Auction here in NJ, I get alot of great finds there from time to time.

Sarah said...

Can't wait till I can check that store out. I wish they were open more. Thanks for letting us know :)


Mary Smith said...

How do I enter the giveaway? I can do a handstand. Do I win?

alli said...

I recently found a great vintage navy nautical scarf at a yard sale!

love the necklace!