Friday, August 27, 2010

.birthday circus!.

my birthday was a few weeks ago . . . and as usual, i am just getting around to posting pictures of the event :) we decided on a circus theme!

we set up a grill and blankets in the park and decorated! it looked like a 10 year olds birthday - i loved it!

the man friend even climbed a tree to put up the banner!

here is my pinata . . . i filled him with candy, parachute toys and condoms. ha ha!!

i made homemade kettle corn and put it in these awesome popcorn bags! instead of getting paper plates, we found these awesome colorful plates that we can wash and use again and again!the man-friend cut holes out of some plywood in the basement and painted a bean bag toss game! i think that, wiffle ball and bocce ball were everyone's favorites.

here we are in our circus get-up!
me and my pinata . . . before i killed it.
miss foxie brought her accordian! she also juggled while hoola hooping at the same time!
getting ready to kill the pinata!
group shot! we stayed until well after dark and then hit up the local bar for last call. good times.
hp was the freakiest clown in the universe.
miss g helped us clean up the park! i couldn't ask for a better friend!
even hudson got to have some fun! he really like the balloon animals, but i took them away before he popped them so he wouldn't choke on the rubber.

what are a few of your favorite themed parties?


nic said...

what an awesome idea! my wife's birthday party was dual themed as a whore(or) horror (being that it was friday the 13th!) themed party.

we once had a pajama party where the girls gave each other pedicures and we played board games.

when we moved into our most recent apartment we drew some inspiration from the street name and had an african themed party where people dressed up as animals, in animal skins, or as big game hunters.

next on the list may be a craft party where we do cheesy summer camp crafts and give prizes out to the best ones...

funkEpunkEmonkE said...

omg. that looked like so much fun. I'm so sad I couldn't make it ;(

kym said...

That looked really fun and cool!

My friends and I did a fancy cocktail theme party a very long time ago. And a 60's theme, that was fun...haven't been to a theme party in years!

tabitha jane said...

nic - can i come to summer camp?