Thursday, August 26, 2010

.tj loves: brides.

it's been a rough few weeks around here . . . i really have felt like a bird perched on a wire. very precariously. first one thing then another . . . somehow our little family is managing to get through it. with lots of support from the people who love us.

it's been tough. i see a light at the end of tunnel though . . . we'll be alright.


so . . . i'll do this post that i've been wanting to do: WEDDINGS!!!

i. love. weddings.
i love brides.
i love LOVE.
i love romance.

i love a good, creative non-traditional wedding.

i love my friends - the ones who are brides. the ones who are grooms. the ones who are photographers.

here are a few of them:

i've known shandrea since college . . . which was . . . quite a while ago. she lives on the west coast, so we haven't seen each other in a long time. but, recently shandrea was a beautiful bride.
here are a couple of shots from her gorgeous wedding:
love the umbrella

did i mention she lives in the beautiful pacific northwest? - full of natural beauty. ugh i love it.

she has a great sense of fun and silliness too!

all photos are taken by the talented kellie parry. follow that link to see her blog about the wedding.

kristin and daryl

k and d are friends of ours here in good old providence. we recently went to their wedding at bittersweet farm over in massachussets. the wedding was full of laughter and love and beauty and had a very classy but rustic feel. here are a few of the pictures that i took that night:
the boys walking from the farmhouse to the gazebo.
miss k being walked down the "aisle" by her father. she was stunning.
moments after becoming "man and wife." the light was perfect!
the wedding party celebrating with the newlyweds.

their wedding was photographed by the talented brad smith who also took their engagement photos.
here are some of his gorgeous shots:
like i said, gorgeous.
you can see me in the last row on the right in the copper colored dress. :)

those boys.


i guess that's enough wedding porn for now :) i am in a wedding this weekend. the lovely miss michelle who did our awesome photo shoot is getting hitched! i'll be counting on the man-friend to take the photos since i'll be in the wedding. we'll see what kind of shots we get :)


nic said...

i love weddings! there's something strangely satisfying in watching people experience excitement, fear, love, passion, and joy in such a condensed period of time.

tabitha jane said...

plus there's the dancing and free booze.

nic said...

ha! how could i have forgotten that?

arwen said...

um.... your friend shandrea looks amazingly similar to my friend ashleigh who lives in boston RIGHT NOW.

that's kooky!