Monday, December 27, 2010

.holiday love.

i am currently curled up in my smartwool socks and my providence roller derby hoodie, listening to my man-friend and his family play card games while i catch up on the internets. it's been a GREAT two weeks. mellow, beautiful, full of love, sun, rain, snow, mountains, beaches, woods, wild animals, tame animals, family, friends, beer, music, food, sugar, coffee, babies, road trips, sleeping bags, full bellies, laughter, sun flares, and love.

we head back to providence tomorrow. i've heard we'll be greeted by snow. our doggie will be waiting. my roller skates will be waiting. i'll have work, friends, home and bills. regular life. the man-friend will have a bit of shoveling to do so we can drive to pick our pup up from the kennel. i guess i should help him :)

while i am ready to get back to day to day living, crafting, skating and money-making . . . it's been so nice to relax, be with family and old friends, to enjoy to beautiful nature, food and drink of the pacific northwest and to never really need to care what time it is.

hope your christmastime was as happy as mine was.

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Mary Smith said...

maybe we can be part of the same family again soon! i'm so glad you enjoyed your two weeks! xoxo