Friday, January 07, 2011


my city of roses. what a beautiful, rainy, sweet, creative, loving city you can be.

this is a mural that is repainted every year. every year, i get my photo taken in front of it.
this is my favorite place on earth. there is nothing like the beauty of the oregon coast.

GLUHWEIN!!! a german christmas market (weihnachtsmarkt) tradition. we found some at new season's . . . think: sweet mulled wine. tastes like christmas.
the oregon countryside in klamath falls. we stayed here for a few days with the man-friend's family. it snowed. we went on family walks. it was peaceful and lovely.
the man-friend's family on our walk.
one of my favorite shots of us at the coast.

majestic mt hood over the city of portland, oregon.

peace was found in the rose-test gardens above the city.
all the happy rice-milk lattes a girl could want!!!!
so, there are just a few shots from our trip. it really was wonderful. now we are back in full-swing of life in providence. waitressing, massaging, babysitting, roller skating, crafting, living, walking the pup, eating, growing, sleeping, etc. i hope to make more time for blogging, but if i have to choose between that and sleep . . . well, you understand.

but my long term goal really is to be more crafty and open my etsy site!!!

you are welcome to ask me about that more and keep me on my toes!

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Tanya Kristine said...

your post looks kinda like my post. : )

i love that pix of you two too.