Friday, February 25, 2011

.rainy afternoon.

i love rain.

i love it.

i do.

it's raining here today. pouring really. i've got ani difranco on the ipod, soup in the crock pot, my xtratufs drying by the door and rain pounding on the windows. le sigh.

gonna run across the street for some beeeerrrrr later. and make some of trader joe's AMAZING corn bread from a box to go with my soup (yes, corn bread from a box. i am on my way to being a radical homemaker and i make corn bread from a box. i understand the irony). perfect.



i'm a vegetarian for many reasons and super in to nutrition and health and the environment and loving people. there. i said it.

i'm sure you guessed that by now anyway. so, if you are interested, here's what i put in my soup:

vegan bouillon cube (WITH SALT)
earth balance "butter" (the soy-free kind since i have a soy allergy. i get this instead of butter for now until i can start getting good butter straight from a farm)
an ENTIRE huge onion
organic yellow potatoes
green and red lentils
organic red chard - chopped up real small
organic, full-fat coconut milk
organic, canned tomatoes with green chilies (canned tomatoes offer more cancer-fighting lycopene than raw. and they taste better and are more sustainable than raw tomatoes during the winter)
organic bulgar wheat
the few tablespoons that were left of my bulk chickpeas. i didn't soak them first, so it could have been a mistake. they may never get soft....
TONS of my favorite curry powder from limbo (in pdx)
chopped up fresh ginger root
minced garlic (like a whole head)
cumin, turmeric (SO GOOD FOR YOU!), fresh ground pepper corns and a good amount of sea salt (the best kind of salt there is. celtic sea salt. stay away from that silly, processed table salt).
water to cover to the top

it's all sitting happily in my crockpot now while i am about to clean my house . . . i might add some beer to the soup . . .


in other news, the KILLAH BEES are getting ready for their first game of the season! we are playing the hellions of troy in schenectady, new york!!!! looking forward to taking some time off of work and going on a mini road trip. let's see if we can keep up this undefeated thing and carry it over to 2011!!!!



DOUBLE WOOT - the seeds i ordered came in the mail today!!! TIME TO START THE 2011 GARDEN!!!


tabitha jane said...

that soup was GOOD. i put half a beer in it.

Mary Smith said...

"I'm into health...loving people. there I said it." GOOD B/C we were ALL THINKING IT ANYWAY!