Saturday, February 19, 2011

.how i spent my valentine's day.

so for valentine's day, we ate dinner at our favorite restaurant (julians) and then came home for an evening of chocolate, flowers, wine and THE FINAL DISC OF LOST SEASON 6 which CONTAINS SPECIAL FEATURES AND NEVERBEFORESEEN FOOTAGE!!!

how did my man know exactly what i would love?

dinner was a 6 course, fixed-price meal (like last time) and the food was great . . . but not nearly as good as last time :) the atmosphere at julian's was great - table cloths, candles, live music. we had a really great time talking and catching up too. it's been a while since we've had some one-on-one time. life gets busy.


in other news:

it was PRD's river rat home team mascot "The Cheese's" birthday this weekend. we sent her a singing telegram in the form of a lobster with a hip hop routine. tonight we are having a cheese themed party. bring it on, lactose intolerance!

went hiking yesterday in the snow with dogs and good friends. it's been "warm" the last two days (i.e. in the 50s rather than below 30).

had a "chinese new year - year of the rabbit" potluck with friends. bunnies were the theme.

i ordered my seeds for the 2011 garden!! i can't believe it's already time!

all of these things deserve their own posts with photos.

let's see how well i do.

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