Monday, January 30, 2012

.pity party.

my friends are starting seeds for their gardens . . . being in the PNW means that we have a longer growing season than when i used to live in RI . . . but . . . my house only grows mold (this means no window hydroponics - not that there are any windows that have sun hitting them anyway) and my yard only grown mushrooms and mold (no sun hitting the ground there either) and all the community garden have 3 year waitlists.


feeling sad today.

here's a few shots of the former glory of my gardens from the past:
getting started with our first cold frame.  built by the man-friend.

heirloom lettuce.

lavender, rhubarb, peas, chamomile, basil, lettuce, raspberries.

my raspberry bush always produced early and then had a flush in late summer/early autumn.


the bees loved our echinasea.


tomatoes and basil. best combo on earth.

the miracle of pollination.

the most delicious arugula i've grown to date.

chamomile and tomatoes = good companion planting.

the rhubarb got so big!  but i don't mind because it shaded my lettuce from the hot new england summer sun.

oh i miss it so much.


erin said...

You can come visit or work in my garden anytime you want this year! :)

Sara's Place said...

Come visit me and help me get started! We're still in the mind boggling design stage and we have no idea what yard will host all the seedlings once they grow up...

Ioana-Carmen said...

Chic baby! would you like to follow each other blog? :X