Tuesday, January 24, 2012

.small steps.

i'm taking small steps today . . .

my sister recently lent me the book, "handmade marketplace" by kari chapin

this book has inspired me to take a few more steps toward really "making" my living.  i've been big into handmade and local crafts for a long time and i've always dreamed of the freedom and pride that can come with making my own living by selling all the goodies that i make . . . so here goes!

i've made a bird on a wire facebook page for you to follow
i've set my sights on fixing up my etsy site as well.
i'm working to make the branding fit with the blog, etc.
i've also added a little button on the sidebar where you can like this blog on facebook.
look at me, being all tech-savvy!!

i've also been cleaning up the blog a little.  i consolidated all the crazy links on the side bar (that used to lead to all my favorite websites) into a short list that will take you to a more detailed page of wonderful websites that you can choose to patronize.  so, you can still follow tj's loves, it just doesn't look as messy.

i think i might get rid of the mixed media buttons as well...

suggestions?  comments?  things that work for you?  i'm open to help and support!!!

2012, the year i took my life back and made it my own.

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My Days' Inspiration said...

Go get 'em girlie!!! I'm working/fighting for a cleaning/happier/more peace filled home so that i can take the time and energy to focus my energy into this stuff too!!
Also, i've been dreaming of my garden to come.