Monday, July 19, 2010

.rehab giveaway: winner!!!.

and the winner of our lovely giveaway is . . . .

SARAH (aka: Fate)!!!

she said:
Can't wait till I can check that store out. I wish they were open more. Thanks for letting us know :)

since we practice together, i'll just bring the pretties to practice for you mmmmkay?


we'll do another giveaway soon! esp seeing as how we are at another milestone already - 20 followers! :)

for now, i will head to bed, hope to get 5 hours of sleep and then get my busy day started tomorrow!!!

thanks to everyone of you who entered the giveaway - aaah my sweet lovelies.


Sarah said...

Very nice :) Thank you, and I'll see you at practice today!

kym said...

Lucky for Sarah!

Such a pretty necklace.