Thursday, January 12, 2012


to prep for our season opener, we had a "formal scrimmage" last night.

for this, i got crafty!

since i was just drafted a few weeks ago, i don't have my uniform yet.  also, since my last team's colors were green and pink (instead of blue, like my new team), i had to make some changes in my roller derby wardrobe.

and . . . voila!!  bella constrictor's new scrimmage-worthy shirt and helmet (never mind the very crooked "h")

the shirt is just a simple workout top with built-in sports bra that i ironed letters on to.

the helmet was my same triple 8 helmet from the river rat years . . . i just added my new number (H155) and the heartless heathers' trademark heart (using paint pens).  on the other side, i think i'm going to put the same heart . . . but with a snake wrapped around it!  aaaaawwwww yeeaaahhhhhh!

tonight, i'm going to see my sister TC who just got back from Mozambique!  She was there over christmastime, so it's time to give her presents!  i LOOOVE christmas and giving gifts!  i made her some pretty awesome stuff!


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