Monday, January 23, 2012

.heathers por vida!.

well, our first bout of the season is over!  we didn't win, but i think we did do a great job as a team!  it was the first bout as a heather for 6 of the girls on the team and we were missing more than a few key players.  by the end of the bout, we had adjusted to the guns and rollers strategy and had started to play "our game."  it was great for learning how we work together and what we need to work on for future bouts.  having only been a heather for 3 weeks, it was an honor to be rostered for this bout and i can't wait to keep skating with my team and watch us grow!!

bout footage can be seen, here
and photos can be seen here

it was soooooo good to have most of my family there (mom, dad, 5 of my 6 sisters, husband, roommate, brother-in-law) and many friends!  it was the first time for just about all of them to see me play and i was so happy to have them there supporting me!

even the "church ladies" came, wearing their pearls.
{photo courtesty of michelle}

heartless heathers 2012 team huddle

last but not least, our team song (with my fave youtube video of viking kittens!!!)


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i want to be on this team with you...

and viking kittens.

and led zeppelin.